Lady of the Mercians



Aethelflaeda Lady of the Mercians

Aethelfaeda Picture

She was the eldest daughter of Alfred.It was after the death of her husband Aethelred in the year 910 that she became known as the Lady of the Mercians, for she took over the ruling of Mercia.She was an extraordinary woman and she planned and led expeditions against the Vikings personally.She was of great assistance to Edward the Elder (her brother) in his conquest of the Five Boroughs.
She was also responsible for the fortification of Tamworth in 913 this is mentioned in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles.It was she who was responsible for the building of the the mound on which the Castle now stands.
The picture on the right shows the statue of Aethelflaeda and her nephew Athelstan before it was set upon it's plinth in the Castle Grounds in 1913 to mark the Tamworth Millenary.

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