The Reverend William MacGregor

The town of Tamworth has much to thank this man for as well as the hospital that he founded at a personal cost of over 1,000.

He was also responsible for the founding of the Tamworth Co-operative Society although at the time not everyone was pleased by this.
He first came to Tamworth in 1878 as the new Vicar a role which he held until 1887 when he resigned the post.During this time he campaigned for the rights of the poor and to get them better living conditions, much to the dismay of the landlords who owned their miserable abodes. In 1885 again at his own cost he built the Baths and Institute in Church Street. This was a half timbered building especially designed to compliment the existing architecture that was prevalent in the street.Along with the baths the building also contained rooms which were used for art classes.During the winter months the swimming baths were boarded over and the area was used as a dance floor. After his resignation in 1887 MacGregor went to live in Bolehall Manor a splendid house that is still in existence today, although no longer as a private residence.

Tamworth Baths and Institute

The Baths and Institute in the above picture are at the far end of the street on the right of the picture.The prominent half timbered building in the foreground was known as the Paragoric Shop.


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