The Hutton Fountain

Fountain Detail

This was originally given to the town in 1898 by Mrs Hutton in memory of her late husband, fashioned from red granite it consisted of three separate drinking troughs, one each for people,horses and dogs.It was situated near to the town's "new" Grammar School at the junction of the Ashby and Comberford roads in Upper Gungate. Standing over 15 feet high and topped with a copper lantern it must have been a welcome sight with it's soft green light as you approached the town.
The plumbing for this monument was undertaken by a Mr Henry Hare a local plumber and decorator who was also a former Mayor of the town.The Tamworth Waterworks Committee agreed to supply the water free of charge as their gesture. This lovely landmark was removed in the 1960's. Mrs Hutton also made various other gifts to the town,amongst these was the Bolebridge Street Mission which allowed the poor of the town a place to worship freely.The picture on the left is taken from a postcard published by Sally Bartle a local newsagent for many years. This monument may make a comeback in the town as at the time of writing (July 1998) there is talk of rebuilding on a new site.

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