St Editha's Parish Church Tamworth

There has been a church on this site for over a thousand years.The present church is distinguished by it's double spiral staircase,this is the only church in England to have such a staircase.It is usually opened to the public once a year and the view of the town from the top is well worth the climb. Much of the stone used to build and subsequently repair the church has been quarried locally from various sources such as Hopwas, Bolehall, Amington, Seckington, Newton Regis, Warton and Wilnecote.The original church is said to have been founded around 963. In 1345 a great fire devastated the town along with the church.It would be around 20 years before the church was rebuilt. However the church we see today was not built all at once. The tower which is now the main entrance to the church was added in the 15th century. The cemetery in the picture above dates back to medieval times.

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