The Assembly Rooms-Tamworth

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The Assembly Rooms were planned in the year 1887 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria and to give the town a suitable place to hold public functions. It was a further 2 years before they were opened for use by the public.The opening ceremony took place on the 8th of October 1889 and was performed by the then Member of Parliament for Tamworth Mr Philip Muntz.
The 5500 cost of building this new public amenity was met by the people of Tamworth.The foundation stone for the building was laid by Mr Harry Olver the town's Mayor of the day, and a driving force behind the project he received a silver trowel to commemorate the occasion.
Since it was opened the building has played host to a vast array of functions including dances,plays and concerts without a doubt the most famous group ever to play here has to be the Beatles who performed here in the early 1960's.The rooms are also used to host Antique and Collectors fairs,Craft Fairs and even a Beer Festival.

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In times past the town's Volunteer Fire Brigade would store some of their equipment at the side of the Assembly Rooms ready for action anywhere in the town.In 1939 the building was pressed into use as the town's Civil Defence Headquarters.The illustration above right   is printed on the reverse of an old postcard and details one of the attractions to be staged,although I do not know which year this was.


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