Alvecote Priory

This ancient site lies alongside the Coventry canal.There are the remains of a 12th century Priory to be seen here.Although now there is very little left apart from an ancient doorway and vague outline of stones around the perimeter.It was originally founded in 1159 as a Benedictine Monastery by a man called William Burdett. He is said to have founded the monastery as an act of remorse after he had killed his wife, because he wrongly thought she had been unfaithful to him.
During the 1700's the priory was lived in by the Roby family it was during the latter part of the 1700's when the Coventry canal was being extended that labourers digging near to the priory unearthed a stone coffin.This turned out to be the coffin of William Burdett the founder of the priory.There is now a picnic area next to the priory.

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Alvecote is also the site of one of the oldest nature reserves in the area Alvecote Pools,these were formed because of mining subsidence in the area and provide an excellent habitat for many species of plants  insects and animals.The reserve has numerous types of habitat such as shallow pools, marshes and reed beds.There are three main pools and a number of smaller ones these combine to create one of the most important areas for birdlife in the Midlands, the pools cover around 125 acres in total.Since 1946 over 180 species and sub species of birds have been recorded at the pools.
The village of Alvecote itself has a post office and shop

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