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Harry Olver-Mayor of Tamworth

Harry Olver was the Mayor of Tamworth for two consecutive years in 1888 and 1889. He was one of the towns veterinary surgeons for many years. In 1896 the Kelly's Directory for the area notes that he was Veterinary Inspector for Staffordshire and Warwickshire.
He was born in Cornwall where his father was a farmer. He started his veterinary career as an assistant vet in a practice in Burton on Trent during this time he lived at Edingale a small village quite near to Tamworth. Later he moved to Wigginton and then finally into Tamworth itself, which is where he set up his own Veterinary practice. He was a skilled and respected vet and he had clients all over the Midlands area.
He became involved with the local council in 1887 and from there he quickly became Mayor of Tamworth. After his first year he was re-elected for another term the following year. During his years as Mayor he was a driving force behind the planning and building of the Assembly Rooms in Tamworth which were built and opened during his time as Mayor.
He was a religious man and for some time he was the Vicar's Warden at St Editha's Church For a number of years he was also a director of the Tamworth Herald the town's local newspaper. He died at his home "Trescoe" in 1903 and is buried in Wigginton Road Cemetery Tamworth.

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